We were elected on a message of making New Jersey affordable again for everyone who lives and works in this state. We promised in our campaign to change the way business is done in Trenton, and we are working to make that a reality. Your mandate to us was government reform, and here are some of the areas we are working on:

  • Relieving the tax burden on property owners.
  • Cutting wasteful government spending.
  • Consolidating government functions through shared services among municipalities, counties and schools boards.
  • Adopting reforms that reduce the costs to taxpayers for public employee benefits, including pensions and health care.
  • Providing quality public schools, in part by forcing tax money to go toward classrooms and school facilities – not toward excessive salaries and perks for administrators.
  • Making local, county and state government more open, accessible and accountable to the public.


(TRENTON) – Senator Donald Norcross (D-Camden/Gloucester) and Assemblyman Paul Moriarty (D-Gloucester/Camden) have introduced new legislation to outfit all patrol officers with body cameras. Senator Norcross initially indicated he was working on the bill at a recent press conference with Assemblyman Moriarty to tout the signing of their dashboard camera bill.

“Body cameras are the next logical step in public safety,” Senator Norcross said. “We laid the groundwork with the dashboard bill, and I wouldn't be surprised to see other states following suit. Now it’s time to get cameras on all our patrol officers.”

The key provision of the dashboard camera law is that every new or used municipal vehicle purchased, primarily used for traffic stops, be equipped with a mobile video recording system. Assemblyman Paul Moriarty took up the bill after being charged with drunk driving and other offenses in July 2012. The police dashboard camera showed Moriarty passing his field sobriety tests easily, and that he did not cut the police officer off, as was stated in the report.

Bill S2518/A3852, which is sponsored by Moriarty in the Assembly, expands the law to include outfitting county, state and municipal police officers who are primarily assigned to patrol duty with a mobile video recording system.



(TRENTON) – Legislation by Senator Donald Norcross (D-Camden/Gloucester) and Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt (D-Camden) to create a cidery and meadery license in New Jersey has been advanced by the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee.

“As the Garden State, New Jersey should be leading the way when it comes to developing products from fruit and honey, not getting left behind by our draconian liquor laws,” said Senator Norcross. “We have proven time and again that craft products from this state are in high demand. Let’s capitalize on our rich agriculture industry and spur economic growth in the process.”

Bill S2461/A3740 creates a cidery and meadery license which permits the holder to manufacture a maximum of 25,000 barrels of hard cider and 25,000 barrels of mead and to sell these products to wholesalers and retailers in New Jersey and other states. Like similar small-batch production licenses championed by Norcross, this bill grants the permit holder to sell their products to consumers for consumption off-site, and allows a provision for on-site sampling. It also allows current brewery or winery license holders to begin producing cider and/or mead.



(CAMDEN) – Senator Donald Norcross (D-Camden/Gloucester) released the following statement in the wake of Campbell Soup Company’s announcement that Brandywine Realty Trust has been chosen as the developer for a 13-acre mixed use development at Camden’s Gateway District:

“We continue to see the tangible benefits of the Economic Opportunity Act of 2013 as national and international companies make smart investments in Camden and throughout New Jersey. Campbell Soup Company has long been a fixture in South Jersey, and today they continue their unparalleled commitment to local residents. The jobs that will arise out of this project and the prospective office park tenants will continue Camden’s upward path of economic growth and improvement. I look forward to more great news like this in the weeks and months ahead.”